Super Junior 15
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Assalamualaikum ,
now nak story about the magnae ,

Henry Lau

hahh , the last one ! **pheww lega HAHA** ,
fans gelar dia - mochi -
sebab dia sangat sangat sangat pandai main violin !
time saya tgk videoclip dont don ,
mmg best lahh dia main :)
dia belajar violin since 6 years old lagi .

hah , kat entry lepas saya
cakap nak story pasal videoclip dont don dekat bawah kan kan ,
sorry sebab tak buat dekat bawah ,
so sy akan story kat entri kalini .

actually , pembabitan Henry and Zhoumi
dalam Suju M agak lambat berbanding 13 members lain .
then , bila diorang masuk Suju ,
fans Suju mulalah mengamuk sakan ,( saya tak okay sebab saya tak heran kot HAHA )
macam diorang buat ,
and time Henry perform dalam videoclip Dont Don as a mysterious violinist ,
makinlah fans Suju yg die-hard-fan-konon-konon nihh memberontak ,
hantar surat layang , buat sepanduklah bagai ( dah macam politik pun ada jugak ) .

so SM Entertainment buat lah subgroup Suju M
( macam saya cakap dalam entri lepas ) ,
tp , Henry and Zhoumi still received hatred from anti-fans .
last last Henry naik fed up and responded to an incident at
a concert in China where fans were boo-ing Henry and Zhoumi
everytime they sang :

" all we want to do is express ourselves through performing and music but how can we do this with when there’s so much hate ? I left my friend , family and everything else back in Canada to pursue a dream all alone in Asia . as a result I have been hated since I first debuted in korea in 2006 from fans . what more do you want from me ? how do you think I or we both feel everytime we go up on stage knowing people will be screaming for us to get off ? I’ve tried to laugh it off for far too long now and cant hold it in anymore . just to let you know…we have feeling too . however , thank you so much . I hope you understand how im feeling . "

then lama lama fans boleh terima dia :D
primary language dia of course English ( sebab dia duduk Canada kan ) ,
tp boleh cakap korea , chinese and mandarin .

dia lah magnae yg baru ( dulu kan Kyuhyun ) ,
as the youngest brothers ,
he gets to be his adorable self and receives loves from his hyung ( brother )

example -


Choi Siwon says :

“ kyuhyun is my very cute little brother , but this time we’ve added zhoumi and henry . so now henry the youngest one , and kyuhyun has given up a lot recently”


conversation in a reality show :

MC : " little henry walked over there and ask ‘ are there suju M poster ?’ ' yes ' ‘ are there hangeng poster ? ‘yes’ ‘are there henry poster ?’ 'nope ' "

MC : " after hearing that henry left . "

Siwon : " and then he came home and playing violin while crying HAHA "

that's all about him ,

p/s : kan best kalau saya pun boleh main violin macam dia :p ( tp tknak pun HAHA )

HAI , I from EXO planet . My UFO was break down , my age 11200 years old, I have 12 aliens . My birth date 12/12/2090 . I just want to say : Behave with me because I have 2 pair screw driver as my hand . Feel delightful to stay here.



>> I've got new cell
date : NOW
at:10 am

>> prisoners jail breaking
date : 12/12/12
at: 12pm

>> new cellie arrived
date: 1/1/2190
at: 13.12pm


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