List oh list XD
Monday, April 25, 2011 • 5:18 AM • 2 convicts
Assalamualaikum ,
yeahh ,
this entry i will list out the korean's drama ( including the link ) ,
sebab saya tak mahu meng-sinopis-kan cerita tuhh lagi .
and all the drama yg saya category kan tuhh ,
mengikut pandangan saya je tau tau , so no offense lah
kalau korang kata cerita nihh tak best ke ,
well , people different kan kan :)

so ,
check it out yaww !

drama BEST , I LIKEEE , SERIOUS GEMPAK ! **macam over pulak haih haha**

Dream High
He's Beautiful
Boys Over Flower
Prosecutor Princess
Secret Garden
God Of Study
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Cinderella Man
Fake Family Service
Playful Kiss
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Woman Who Still want to marry
Oh My Lady

drama BEST but LEMBAB **buat sakit jiwa tengok HAHA**

My Princess
Personal Taste
The Birth Of Rich
Mary Stayed out All Night
Bread Love and Dream

drama HORROR yg BEST tapi LEMBAB

White Christmas
Jungle Fish 2 (yg season 1 punya saya tak tgk lagi HAHA )

drama LAMA yg BEST :)

Princess Hours
My Girl
Sassy Girl
All About Eve
Oh! Feel Young
1st Shop Coffee Prince

haa , nihh drama yg saya BELUM tengok , tapi NAK SANGAT tengok :)

Royal Family

okay ,
saya ingat drama nihh je ,
giloo kau kalau saya ingat semua drama yang saya
pernah tengok ,
nihh pun nasib je saya ingat
( according to my DVD's collection HAHA )
yg tak terlist tuhh ,
mianhe ye ,
kalau saya ingat lagi ,
saya tambah lah **kot je nihh**

that's all
anneyong !

p/s : movie korea jepun and drama jepun saya tak letak okay , sebab MALAS , haha :)

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